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Leading travel influencers reveal how to capture photos & videos on a cruise holiday

Cruise photos and videos are what will help you look back and remember your treasured holidays and they can make your social media feed look on fire.

SAILAWAZE Norwegian Viva The Haven Sundeck

Ship ahoy! Full list of new cruise ships setting sail in 2023

New cruise ships get us pretty jazzed here at Sailawaze so we’re thrilled that there are so many more to welcome onto the waterways of the world in 2023.


Fantastic beasts & mysterious histories: Best family activities in South America

South America cruises are a fantastic way to enjoy a taste of this diverse, adventure-packed continent – what can you and the family enjoy in Brazil, Peru and beyond?

SAILAWAZE Tierra del Fuego Chile South America

New frontiers: Exploring remote spots in Latin America

Discover the wonders of South America on an exclusive journey that takes you to places many will never see.

SAILAWAZE Dominican Republic beach p&o cruises caribbean

8 unusual things to do on Caribbean cruises from stewed iguana to sugarcane trains

Caribbean cruise holidays are what we’re all lusting after this winter, there’s no denying it. Well, shiver (me timbers) no more, P&O Cruises’ brand new ship Ariva will be sailing the region from 2023 – here’s what you can look forward to.

SAILAWAZE Canada cruise

Lighthouses, national parks & fortresses: 10 top cruise ports of call in Canada

Canada cruises take passengers to scenic fishing villages, culture-packed cities and dramatic coastlines – these are some highlights you’ll enjoy.

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