Welcome to Tunisia

With great markets and excellent beaches, Tunisia is a great holiday destination that is sadly overlooked too often.

Situated on Africa’s Northwest Mediterranean coast, Tunisia tends to offer mild winters and hot sunny summers, making it an ideal location for travellers and holidaymakers.

As well as the great weather, holidays to Tunisia offer travellers a rich and diverse experience. Many Tunisia holidays will take in the beautiful beaches and resorts found along the coast.

The country is also home to countless historical sites and attractions, including the set for Star Wars. Visitors also flock to the Sahara, where you can enjoy camel rides, sunset tours, camping, and off-road driving.

Shopping is always fun where you will find a sensory experience like no other in the local markets, known as Souks. You will get to practice your haggling skills when browsing the fabulous handcrafted jewellery, clothes, leather and woven goods, and much more.

Tunisian holidays are made even more enjoyable by the friendly, welcoming locals and the incredible cuisine. Tunisian food blends African and French heritage to create delicious meals that are famous worldwide.

You will find great value on your Tunisia trip, from the price of food and tours to the local Hammams, where you will be able to enjoy a spa experience like no other.

Why Visit Tunisia?

If you enjoy holidays in a beachfront location or want to discover more about the country’s history, Tunisia has great opportunities for both.

Beach lovers will enjoy a variety of water sports in the Mediterranean Sea or relax on the beautiful white sand beaches thanks to the blissful waters, warm temperatures, and beautiful resorts.

Desert dunes make exploring the Sahara a great day out, or you can experience great tours that take in the beautiful sunsets and incredible landscapes.

Visitors will also have a great choice of top attractions and historical sites to explore on their holiday to Tunisia.