Welcome to Indonesia

Picturesque islands

Love visiting beautiful beaches? Want to hop from one picturesque island to another? Holidays in Indonesia will be perfect for you. You’ll also enjoy breathtaking scenery from volcanoes and rainforests to white-sand beaches and coral reefs!

Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia and is surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is the world’s largest archipelago, or island group, with a staggering total of 17,508 islands. Of these islands, roughly 6,000 are inhabited.

The five largest islands in Indonesia are Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and the Indonesian region of New Guinea. Probably the most famous and one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia is Bali.

Exceptional cuisine

Bali is famed for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear water, and its beautiful and dramatic landscapes, thanks to its volcanic terrain and lush rice fields.

As well as its fabulous beaches and an incredible range of islands that you will be able to explore, cities like Jakarta offer everything you would expect from a major city and traditional attractions.

You will love the exceptional cuisine, exciting and vibrant nightlife, and excellent infrastructure means you will be able to enjoy all kinds of holidays in this beautiful island nation.

Why Visit Indonesia?

Indonesia holidays offer travelers the opportunity to experience unparalleled scenery thanks to its huge range of islands, volcanos, and tropical forests.

Tours and guides will help you get about and see the best that this country has to offer, taking you to the best locations for diving, surfing, and hiking.

Alternatively, you might want to experience a luxurious beach holiday where you are waited on hand and foot. Experience a once in a lifetime holiday with overwater bungalows and beaches from hotels that offer the most incredible views.

Take in Indonesia’s history and rich culture, make the most of the vibrant cities, or experience nature like never before in this truly unique country.