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Greek isles: What to see, do and eat in Santorini, Corfu & Mykonos

Greek island cruises are on the bucket lists of many avid travellers thanks to the picturesque beauty, vibrant history and delicious cuisine of the region.

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I’m a Greece expert and this is where to go on your first Greek cruise

Greece cruises are on the bucket list of many, with by ship the ultimate way to island hop this idyllic destination. Here are the best places to visit.

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Escape to the Greek islands: What a cruise has to offer

Greek island cruises open up myriad magical destinations that will enchant over and over again – and not just on land! Here’s what a cruise to Greece’s isles has to offer.

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Mediterranean Climate

There are many reasons we love Greece as a holiday destination, and the food and beaches could be battling it out for the top spot.

Greece is located on the Balkan Peninsula’s southern part, with the Mediterranean Sea to its south and the Ionian Sea to its west.

The Mediterranean climate sees Greece enjoy hot, sunny summers and mild winters. Because of this, Greece holidays are popular among UK travellers that want to enjoy warm weather and beautiful beaches.

Whether you’re travelling to the Greek islands or mainland Greece, you can expect friendly locals, wonderful food, and fabulous sandy beaches.

Fantastic Beach Resorts

This incredible holiday destination is perfect for families thanks to its fantastic beach resorts that provide easy access to the ocean and great facilities, amenities, and activities, including waters sports, boat tours, and diving.

Anyone looking for a relaxing, rejuvenating holiday might want to explore the natural hot springs located throughout Greece. They are a great way to improve your circulation and reduce stress!

If you’re a history buff, the rich history of Greece will keep you enthralled on your trip, and you will be able to visit ancient archaeological sites. There are 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore in Greece as well, making it a paradise for tourists.

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Why Visit Greece?

Holidays to Greece are perfect for everyone, including families that want to enjoy a beach holiday, those that want to learn more about the fascinating history, or couples looking for a romantic getaway.

City breaks to Athens combine a historic city with countless incredible sites and attractions; the vibrant city has great restaurants and lively nightlife.

The cuisine is another reason so many people love visiting Greece, and there are some marvellous dining opportunities to be had!

It is not just white sand beaches you will enjoy in Greece, with red, black, and golden sand also available to enjoy in Santorini alone!

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