Welcome to Monaco

If you ever wanted to live out your James Bond fantasies, Monaco is the place to do it – get dressed up for fancy restaurants, casinos, and marinas!

The sovereign city-state of Monaco is located southwest of France and borders the Mediterranean Sea to its south.

Often seen as a luxury destination and getaway for the rich and famous, its tax-free status and fantastic weather are a draw for many.

The warm, Mediterranean weather, beautiful beaches and luxury resorts make it an attractive destination for many holidaymakers.

You will be able to visit the many marinas to see the incredible selection of luxury yachts docked there and owned by the world’s elite.

Because Monaco attracts so many rich guests, the shopping and dining options are world-class, making it a great place to visit for foodies.

It is also home to the Monaco Grand Prix, which is unique in that it’s set among the streets of Monte Carlo.

Visit the Rock of Monaco to enjoy the historical region where the Prince’s Palace is located. Or try your luck at the Casino de Monte Carlo with its stunning belle époque architecture, another famous landmark.

Active holidaymakers will also enjoy the great cycling routes, with many people training for the Tour de France here.

As well as being able to get out onto the ocean on tours and cruises, you will be able to learn more about it in the impressive Oceanographic Museum that is located on the Monaco Cliffs, overlooking the Mediterranean.

Why Visit Monaco?

We love that Monaco holidays offer travellers a taste of the glitz and glamour. The beautiful beaches and luxury resorts make this one of the best holiday destinations for those that love soaking up the sun.

Monaco is also unique in combining traditional beach holidays with city breaks. Explore the high-fashion shops or incredible selection of restaurants that boast Michelin stars.

The charming winding streets of Monaco Ville offer so much to visitors, whether they are here for motor racing, on their yachts, or on holiday.