Welcome to Norway

Norwegian fjords

Untouched Natural Beauty

Norway is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in northern Europe.

Norway is located in the northern and western regions of the Scandinavian Peninsula. The country is almost completely bordered by water, including the North Sea, the North Atlantic Ocean, the Barents Sea and the Skagerrak inlet.

Norway holidays will allow you to visit the hundreds of Norwegian fjords, boasting untouched natural beauty seen nowhere else on earth.

Norway tours are on the bucket list of many travellers, and it is not surprising. With the splendour of the northern lights, vibrant cities, and breathtaking mountains, it’s easy to see why travellers plan tours to this country.

Culture and Cuisine

The history of Norway captivates the hearts of many visitors, and its outstanding Viking heritage remains a point of pride for Norwegians.

Holidays to Norway will offer you a lot of freedom to explore. This is because of the allemannsrett (“all men’s rights”), which allows everyone free access through uncultivated lands.

The summers and winters are stark contrasts here – with summer days stretching on forever (yes, the midnight sun is real!), while winter days are short with almost no sunshine.

If you are tired of visiting the outstanding natural beauty of the rural landscapes, then Norway offers bustling cities like Oslo and Bergen, where you can indulge in local culture and cuisine.

Why Visit Norway?

Norway is a backpacker’s paradise but also offers holiday tours for families. You will be able to go trekking up mountains, cruise on the fjords, view the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) and see amazing wildlife unique to the country.

Outdoor enthusiasts will especially enjoy walking holidays to the mountains and lakes of Norway, as well as possible sightings of polar bears, reindeer and arctic foxes. Or, try cross country skiing in the Arctic Circle if you’re an adrenaline seeker!

If you are looking for more excitement, Norway’s capital Oslo will fill your senses with gorgeous architecture, traditional food like farikal and sursild, not to mention the world-famous Oslo Opera House.