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UK Changing of the guards


Staycations have never been as popular, and it is just as well the UK has so many great places to visit! International visitors will also be blown away by the diverse nature of the countries that make up the UK.

Located in western Europe, the United Kingdom is an island nation surrounded by the Irish Sea, North Sea, Celtic Sea, Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel.

The UK is a sovereign state consisting of four nations: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, as well as the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

UK breaks are a must-do for travellers, and when you consider the rich history and culture of the region, it is not surprising.

Stunning Scenery

Holidaymakers who are looking to delve into history and culture will not be disappointed by holidays to the UK. It has a rich history of wars, Vikings, innovation, hundreds of historic castles and cultural attractions.

The UK scenery is another attraction to visitors. From the English countryside (notably the Lake District) to Northern Irish cliffs that cascade into the sea, the natural beauty will take your breath away!

The large cities throughout the UK are hubs of activity with international dining offerings, shops, and nightclubs – the perfect city break. If you wander into the rural landscape, you are guaranteed to find plenty of traditional pubs and small towns nestled amongst the stunning countryside.

UK Lake District
Why Visit the United Kingdom?

Whether you are a solo backpacker or a family looking for a holiday – holidays in the UK will suit every person. You can enjoy coastal towns with their traditional seaside charm, bustling cities and vast rural landscapes packed with stunning scenery, all while learning more about the incredible history of the region.

UK travel is easy. You can travel around using public transport, or you can rent a car and carve out your own travel route.

Both city and nature lovers will have a brilliant experience in the UK. Visiting the capital cities of London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff is never a disappointment, and afterwards, you can escape into the countryside or head to the south coast to enjoy the beautiful beaches and outstanding natural beauty. UK holidays offer something for everyone!