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Best for feline fans

The cat lovers’ guide to the purr-fect Mexican vacation

Sail to Cozumel on a Meow Meow cruise where you can mingle with fellow feline fans and prove your pet is the cat’s whiskers

By Samantha Priestley 

White sandy beaches and coral reefs await you on the paradise island of Cozumel, Mexico. But this is one journey you’ll be lapping up and is guaranteed to leave you feline fine as you travel there aboard the Meow Meow Cruise.

First started in 2015, by cat lover Anna Conway, this speciality cruise is for feline fans who want to mingle and talk without judgement about their four-legged friends – who, sadly, can’t go on the cruise.

But if you’re the kind of person who misses their moggy while on vacation, and can’t resist telling everyone you meet about your buddle of fluff, this is your purr-fect vacation.

Hello Kitty

On the first evening there’s a meet and greet where everyone can break the ice and get to know each other. All guests will receive a kitty goodie bag, which contains treats to take home for your cat, so they won’t be entirely left out of the fun.

After mingling at the Meow Meow mixer party, you’ll be encouraged to share snaps of your furry friends at the group dining.

Don’t overdo it though as you’ll want to be up early the next day to take part in Trivia Mornings – quizzes which take place on sea days, when you can test your cat knowledge and win prizes.

There’s no obligation to get involved in any group activities and you can simply laze on deck or curl up in your cabin – much like your cat would do, but this is a great chance to make like-minded friends.

This year, for the first time ever, the Meow Meow cruise will be joining up with the Corgi Cruise

Cozumel is worth the fabulously feline-loving journey as you arrive on day three of the cruise. Take a tour on a glass bottomed boat for an incredible view down into the turquoise clear waters. If you’d rather dive in there yourself, you can go snorkelling and explore the famous coral reefs – the world’s second-largest – more closely.

The island is the largest, unspoilt island in the Mexican Caribbean. It has a jungle and plenty of native and wild animals so it’s perfect for wildlife and nature lovers.

This year, for the first time ever, the Meow Meow cruise will be joining up with the Corgi Cruise to meet even more pet owners. Let’s just hope you don’t end up fighting like cat and dog!

Published 03.29.22