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Repositioning & transatlantic cruises: How to save over £600

Repositioning cruises are the perfect way to sightsee both sides of the Atlantic and save hundreds of pounds while doing so – but what is a repositioning cruise?

Repositioning cruises might not sound sexy – and if you’re new to cruise you’ll likely have no idea what the term even means – but actually this type of cruise can make for the perfect bargain, best-of-both-worlds vacation that you may well start booking year-on-year when you realise the myriad benefits!

What’s a repositioning cruise?

Repositioning cruises are one-off, one-way sailings when cruise ships change seasonal homeports or cross oceans.

Also known as repo cruises, these itineraries involve a number of days at sea which are the perfect opportunity to make the most of all the ship has to offer (and really tuck into that all-inclusive offering!) as well as seeing an array of both popular and lesser-visited ports along the way.

Marella Cruises offers a selection of repositioning and transatlantic cruises which see the TUI ships making their way from the Mediterranean, where they’ve spent the summer, over to the Caribbean where they’ll pass the winter in the Caribbean (it’s a nice life for them, hey!).

There are three fabulous Marella positioning cruises 2022: Transatlantic Discoveries, Atlantic Explorer and Voyage to the Tropics.

Not only are they packed full of fantastic ports of call but globetrotters can save hundreds and hundreds of pounds on these all-inclusive vacations!

And remember, if your vacation of choice has sold out then you can always check out these five best all-inclusive 2023 Caribbean and Mediterranean Marella cruises.

Are repositioning cruises cheaper?

A repositioning cruise is generally cheaper due to the high number of days at sea so is the perfect way to visit the Mediterranean and Caribbean while saving money.

For instance, Marella repositioning cruises 2022 have deals with savings of nearly £700. What’s more, all three vacations include flights as well as all food and drink and all tips. How jammy is that!

Adults-only itinerary Transatlantic Discoveries has been slashed by a whopping £699 with prices now starting from just £1,301pp. That includes 17 nights with calls to Majorca, Spain, Tenerife and multiple Caribbean islands, working out at £76.50pp a night! Absolute bloody bargain. *Books right now*.

Adults-only cruise Voyage to the Tropics comes with massive savings of £632. The 18-night cruise starts from just £1,518pp and packs a hell of a lot in, calling at Malaga, the Canary Islands, Cape Verde and many Caribbean gems including Antigua, St Lucia and Barbados. According to our maths, that’s £84.30 a night! Sign us up!

There’s also adults-only Marella repositioning cruise Atlantic Explorer which has been cut by £428. Sail from just £1,812pp in a balcony cabin on a 14-night voyage taking in Malaga and the Canary Islands as well as Antigua, Guadeloupe, St Lucia and Barbados. That comes to just £129.43 a night! And yup you can hit the buffet as many times as you like.

Are repositioning cruises fun?

Transatlantic cruises are brilliant for the diversity of ports of call on both sides of the pond but also for the opportunity they provide to full maximise everything the ship has to offer – no need to feel guilty for not heading off ashore!

These TUI ships are packed full of bars, restaurants, lounges, theatres… you name it, so no chance of getting bored on Marella repositioning cruises 2022!

Marella Discovery 2 sails the Transatlantic Discoveries itinerary and boasts an outdoor cinema, a rock climbing wall, a mini golf course, two pools – one indoor and one outdoor – seven restaurants, a spa and Broadway-style performances are on every night in the 800-plus capacity show lounge.

There are seven restaurants in total (one for every day of the week!) with included eateries covering everything from Italian cuisine to festival food stalls while speciality restaurants range from sushi and steak to south and east Asian fare.

Marella Explorer 2, the newest ship in the TUI fleet, sails the Atlantic Explorer route. A full-time adults-only ship, the vessel is ideal for this Marella repositioning cruise 2022 with such exciting facilities as the Champneys Spa, a chic bar-club-casino space and The 19th Hole – a golf-themed bar with a golf simulator.

There are nine bars and nine restaurants in total, some of which are the same as onboard Marella Discovery 2, but there’s also fine dining restaurant The Dining Club, Beach Cove – a relaxed restaurant with barbecue-inspired menus and quirky swinging seats – and Nonna’s where you can make your own pizza and pasta dishes from scratch. As for entertainment, there’s a nightclub, an open-air cinema and Broadway Show Lounge offering 12 shows in total.

Last but not least, Marella Discovery, which cruises Voyage to the Tropics, is one of the TUI cruise line’s biggest ships.

Perks of the ship include seven bars, seven restaurants, an outdoor cinema, a five-storey atrium, a rock climbing wall, a minigolf course, a casino, an open-air cinema and two pools – one indoor and one outdoor.

How to book a repositioning cruise

All these three transatlantic cruises are available to book now on Marella Cruises’ website.

Simply click on the links below and get booking!

Set Sail

Transatlantic Discoveries with Marella Cruises

When: October 29, 2022
Duration: 17 nights
Where: Palma, Majorca | Gibraltar | Cadiz (for Seville), Spain | Santa Cruz de Tenerife | St John’s, Antigua | Amber Cove, Dominican Republic | Grand Turk, Turks And Caicos Islands | Montego Bay, Jamaica
Ship: Marella Discovery 2
Price: From £1,301 pp

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Set Sail

Atlantic Explorer with Marella Cruises

When: November 6, 2022
Duration: 14 nights
Where: Malaga, Costa Del Sol | Arrecife, Lanzarote | Las Palmas, Gran Canaria | St John’s, Antigua | Pointe-A-Pitre, Guadeloupe | Castries, St Lucia | Bridgetown, Barbados
Ship: Marella Explorer 2
Price: From £1,812pp

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Set Sail

Voyage to the Tropics with Marella Cruises

When: December 4, 2022
Duration: 18 nights
Where: Malaga, Costa Del Sol | Arrecife, Lanzarote | Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife | Praia, Cape Verde | Mindelo, Cape Verde | St John’s, Antigua | Basseterre, St Kitts |Castries, St Lucia | Kingstown, St Vincent | St George’s, Grenada | Bridgetown, Barbados
Ship: Marella Discovery
Price: £1,518 pp

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Published 01.08.22