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American Cruise Lines to build seven new US river ships

American Cruise Lines will add seven more ships to its fleet by the end of 2026, it has been revealed. This is what you need to know

American Cruise Lines has announced it has seven new ships on order, all set to be delivered by the end of 2026. These include six Project Blue series ships and a new American Riverboat.

“The domestic cruise industry is healthier than ever. The demand for modern river cruises, new small ships, and unique US explorations is growing,” stated Charles B. Robertson, President & CEO of American Cruise Lines. “This demand is fueled by historically rich destinations and ships offering the world’s best onboard experiences.”

What will the new American Cruise Lines ships be like?

Of the seven new ships, three remain unnamed, with further details to be unveiled over the summer. The new American Riverboat will resemble its award-winning sister ships but will incorporate new design elements to set a new standard in the global river cruise industry.

American Cruise Lines plans to operate 21 small ships in 2025 and expand to 24 ships in 2026, exclusively on US itineraries along rivers and coasts. All seven new ships are being constructed by Chesapeake Shipbuilding in Salisbury, Maryland.


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What is American Cruise Lines?

American Cruise Lines is the largest river cruise line in the US, exploring the Mississippi River and other waterways nationwide. Building on a 50-year history of unique U.S. exploration, the company’s award-winning small ships and riverboats now offer luxury experiences in 35 states.

With the only fully US-flagged fleet, American Cruise Lines exclusively sails 100 percent domestic river and coastal cruise itineraries.


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Published 06.13.24