South America

South America is home to an amazing range of fascinating countries, as well as being the gateway to the frozen wonderland of Antarctica. The huge continent offers everything from ancient ruins and lush rainforests to cosmopolitan cities and world-famous cuisine.

Argentina has great food, incredible scenery, wonderful beaches, and vibrant cities, with the capital Buenos Aires boasting a rich cultural heritage and beautiful architecture.

Brazil boasts famous golden beaches, scuba diving and vibrant cities such as São Paulo and Rio De Janeiro. There’s also the awesome Amazon Rainforest home to exceptional flora and fauna as well as other natural attractions such as the Iguazu Falls and Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Ecuador has lots to shout about. You can explore the Amazon from here as well as 24 Nature Reserves, 11 National Parks, and the world-famous Galapagos Islands. Similarly, Uruguay has lots to keep active travellers happy as well as foodies thanks to the country’s beef and wine offerings. Capital city Montevideo has beaches, great historic architecture, excellent museums, bars, restaurants and vibrant nightlife.

Meanwhile, Chile’s long coastline serves up fabulous beaches, the bustling capital of Santiago and great wines. Colombia also has beaches, along with an incredible landscape for rafting, rock climbing, and hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains, one of the most popular destinations in the country plus amazing historical sites.

Peru offers its visitors a taste of diverse cultures and landscapes, including the Anes Mountain Range, Amazon River, and the Pacific Ocean as well as numerous beaches and, of course, the lost city of Machu Picchu.