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Ultimate guide to cruise ship cabins – what to expect & which to choose

Cruise ship cabins can be a minefield but finding the best one for you is key to making your holiday go smoothly so we’ve helped simplify it for you with out cruise cabin guide.

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How can cruising become more inclusive?

Cruising has long cast off its reputation as a retirees’ holiday and has become a popular getaway option – but can the industry go even further to ensure cruise diversity, with all groups catered for?

SAILAWAZE woman city safest cities

7 safest city cruise destinations for solo female travellers

Solo cruises are increasing in popularity but, if you’re a woman travelling alone, can you be guaranteed safety off the ship? We’ve rounded up the safest city cruise destinations.

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Sex fest or safe space? What really goes down on a swingers cruise

Swingers cruise holidays – the ultimate let-loose or a mortifying ordeal? Sailawaze investigates the sexy side of, ahem, cruising.

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This fruit could help you get lucky on a cruise reveals Real Housewife star

Solo cruises are rising in popularity as cruise lines continue to improve their offerings to single passengers and travellers recognise the benefits of going it alone.

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Singles cruises: How to sail as a solo traveller

Solo cruises from the UK are perfect for single holidaymakers looking to get away with minimum faff.