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Diverse Landscapes

It may not spring to mind as a great holiday destination, but give it a chance, and Chile may just surprise you.

Chile is a long thin country that is over 2,500 miles long and just over 220 miles at its widest point. It is located on the west coast of South America and borders Peru to its north, Bolivia and Argentina to its east, and the South Pacific Ocean to its West.

Chile enjoys a climate similar to that of the Mediterranean, with hot summers and cooler winters.

The diverse landscapes and nature of San Pedro de Atacama and the Torres del Paine National Park, friendly people, and delicious food are just some of the reasons that visitors are so fond of Chile.

Thousands of Miles of Coastline

With thousands of miles of coastline, anyone hoping to enjoy a beach holiday in Chile will be pleasantly surprised by the vast choice of resorts.

Nature lovers will love the diverse geographical features that make Chile a country of incredible landscapes. Forests, lakes, glaciers, mountains, volcanoes, deserts, and beaches are all found here.

Chile’s capital city, Santiago, is a beautiful experience. The bustling city is packed with great restaurants, shops, galleries, museums, and hotels. The nightlife is vibrant and significant for those that want to go out on the town.

You will also be able to learn about the indigenous culture, explore the many vineyards to taste Chilean wine, and sample the fantastic cuisine.

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Why Visit Chile?

Chile holidays offer everything we love in a holiday, from spectacular scenery, to hip restaurants, great beaches, and exciting cities. You will be able to enjoy city breaks in Santiago, a fun modern city that has lots going on. Nature lovers will love getting out and about exploring the many beautiful landscapes Chile has to offer.

Chile tours are also worth exploring, with trips to the country’s famous Easter Island possible, letting you see the famous monuments first hand.

Active holidaymakers will be able to enjoy watersports along the long coastline, hike through the mountainous regions, and visit the Atacama Desert for once-in-a-lifetime tours.