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Cunard reveals new fun activities for upcoming ship Queen Anne

Cunard has unveiled further exciting details about the activities and deck games available on brand new upcoming ship Queen Anne.

With less than 50 days left until the maiden voyage of Queen Anne, Cunard has unveiled a selection of exciting new deck games for guests to enjoy aboard its latest ship. Here’s what you can expect.

Activities on Queen Anne: Deck games


Known for its century-long tradition of celebrating deck games, the luxury cruise line has forged an exclusive partnership with PickleballENGLAND, the English governing body for one of the fastest-growing sports in the UK and North America.

Pickleball, a dynamic blend of tennis, badminton and table tennis, can be played individually or in pairs, indoors or outdoors. Queen Anne’s top deck will feature a state-of-the-art Pickleball court, offering guests a unique sporting experience.


Setting itself apart as the sole ship worldwide to offer archery with real bows and arrows, Queen Anne has partnered with Archery GB to enhance its deck game offerings and provide access to world-renowned athletes and Olympic coaches, with onboard instructors accredited by Archery GB.

What’s more, the 3,000-guest ship will serve as an official Archery GB activity centre, where guests can receive personalised coaching, engage in friendly competition, and acquaint themselves with the sport in a social setting.


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The Sky Bar and Observation Deck, situated at the forward end of the ship on deck 14, will serve as a haven for deck game enthusiasts. Offering sweeping views and a versatile space, guests can enjoy a range of activities amidst stunning vistas.

Golf enthusiasts can practice their swings on the putting green and fully stocked driving range, surrounded by breathtaking sea views or panoramic port landscapes.


Meanwhile, the Observation Deck and Sky Bar will host the perennial favourites of deck quoits and shuffleboard, providing the perfect backdrop for friendly rivalry.

Katie McAlister, President of Cunard, commented: “Whether it’s pickleball, archery, or world-class shows and lectures, Cunard is committed to providing guests with a wealth of activities to choose from whatever mood or interest may take them.

“Our onboard entertainment has always been at the heart of what we do, and we look forward to Queen Anne continuing this trend in the future.”


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Published 14.03.24