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Viennese balls & Grand Prix glam: Best cruises for world-class events in 2023 & 2024

Cruises are doing more and more to attract holidaymakers these days, including voyages that tie in with famous events across the globe – here are some of the best.

SAILAWAZE msc-euribia-waterpark

Virtual vineyards, VR racing & ‘unchallenged’ parties: A stay on new MSC Euribia

Sailawaze was onboard MSC Euribia’s first-ever net zero GHG emissions journey to discover what to expect on the new ship.

SAILAWAZE Virgin Voyages Pink Agave

Should you choose a cruise over an all-inclusive hotel vacation?

All-inclusive holidays are the go-to choice of many travellers, but with the destination fixed to one place… should you consider taking a cruise instead?

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What is an adults-only cruise? Inside P&O Cruises’ 18+ vacations

Adult only cruises offer a peaceful and mature vacation experience with no children onboard – so what does sailing on P&O Cruises’ adults only voyages entail in 2023?

SAILAWAZE virgin voyages entertainment

Virgin Voyages unveils amazing celebration package & jaw-dropping entertainment for 2023

Virgin Voyages entertainment has been upgraded ten-fold as the adults-only cruise line unveils a slew of new thrilling shows plus an exciting celebration package.

SAILAWAZE couple undressing swingers cruise

Sex fest or safe space? What really goes down on a swingers cruise

Swingers cruises – the ultimate let-loose or a mortifying ordeal? Sailawaze investigates the sexy side of, ahem, cruising.