Welcome to Sri Lanka

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Tropical Climate

If you want to experience great beaches, incredible wildlife, and more culture than you can shake a stick at, Sri Lanka is for you. There really are lots of reasons people make it their holiday destination of choice, here are just a few.

Located around 20 miles southeast of India, the tropical climate suits visitors that want to enjoy nice weather on their holiday, and with monsoon seasons affecting different regions at different times, there is always a part of Sri Lanka that is worth visiting, no matter the time of year.

Another great reason so many people love to visit is the beautiful Sri Lankan cuisine. As well as great weather and food, the wonderful sandy beaches attract sun worshippers and those that want to make the most of the water in equal numbers.

Flora, Fauna and Animal Life

Another huge draw is the great diversity of flora, fauna, and animal life. Hiking and tours prove popular because of the dramatic landscapes that include beautiful mountains.

Animals including peacocks, deer, whales, dolphins, crocodiles, elephants, leopards, and other rare species make national park safari tours popular among those that would love the opportunity to see these rare creatures.

The rich culture and heritage of Sri Lanka mean there are plenty of exciting places to visit, including historical sites and monuments.

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Why Visit Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka holidays suit all tastes, thanks to the island’s diversity that makes it ideal for holidaymakers. Making the most of its location in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is perfect for surfing and other water sports, or more relaxing beach holidays thanks to its beautiful sandy beaches and great weather.

Sri Lanka’s hill country hikes and tours are great for those who want to enjoy a more active break and see more incredible plant life. Wildlife spotting in the Yala National Park is also popular as it gives tourists the opportunity to see rare animals they won’t see elsewhere.