Welcome to Hungary

Hungary boasts spectacular architecture, beautiful countryside and ancient towns. At the crossroads of central Europe, the nation is a fascinating blend of European and Ottoman influences offering a rich history (and even richer cuisine).

A big draw is the capital city Budapest, home to a treasure trove of diverse architecture plus the gorgeous Castle District, famous Chain Bridge and iconic parliament building. There are also healing thermal springs – bathing here dates back to Roman times and is said to cure a hangover!

Food is a big deal in Hungary – yes the country is known for its goulash but there are also delicious spicy paprika sausages, deep-fried flat bread (lángos) and chocolate buttercream cake (dobos torte) among other tasty dishes as well as excellent wines.

As for cruises, Hungary may be landlocked but there is excellent river cruising to be done on the Danube, with many cruise lines operating along the waterway, taking holidaymakers to Hungarian gems such as Budapest and Kalocsa (home to fine architecture and the famous Paprika Museum) as well as breathtaking scenic views along the river banks.

Hungary cruises on the Danube tend to also stop at Vienna in Austria, Bucharest in Romania, and Passau Germany, to name a few ports of call.