South America

Welcome to Peru


A Unique Destination

Everyone loves finding a unique destination to travel to, and Peru is a great option.

Peru is found in western South America and offers its visitors a taste of diverse cultures and landscapes, including the Anes Mountain Range, Amazon River, and the Pacific Ocean.

Boasting more than 1500 miles of coastline, Peru has a great selection of beaches for relaxing on the sand. Alternatively, the ocean is home to a diverse range of marine life that you can see by scuba diving.

Enchanted Journey

Colonial towns and hamlets that are hidden in the Andes show the diverse cultures in Peru. The Peruvian capital, Lima, has a great selection of shops, museums, and restaurants, as well as historic locations to explore.

When it comes to cuisine, Peruvian food is fast becoming popular the world over and we couldn’t be happier about that. Restaurants specialising in Peruvian cuisine are popping up in major cities around the world, so having the opportunity to sample it in Peru is advised.

Despite being notoriously tricky to get to in terms of tourist attractions, one stands out above the rest. The lost city of Machu Picchu is not only Peru’s most famous landmark, but it is also one of the world’s. The incredible Inca ruins are only accessible along the iconic Inca trail that takes a few days and nights.

machu picchu peru
Why Visit Peru?

Peru really is a beautiful country that can offer travellers excellent beach resorts, vibrant city breaks, or adventures into the wild to visit ancient ruins.

You will be able to enjoy escorted tours to Machu Picchu in the peaceful Sacred Valley, where local culture and crafts are the order of the day.

Enjoyable hikes, peaceful stays at Lake Titicaca, or mountain biking and whitewater rafting at Colca Canyon are all great options for those that like to be a bit more active and enjoy adventure holidays. Alternatively, you can enjoy the luxury beach resorts on the Pacific Ocean.