Welcome to Mauritius


Tropical Paradise

How does the idea of a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches sound? If that kind of holiday is up your street, Mauritius will be perfect for you. Located 1,200 miles off Africa’s east coast, Mauritius boasts a beautiful sub-tropical climate that lets visitors enjoy blue skies and warm temperatures for most of the year.

Beach holidays are big in Mauritius, and with over 200 miles of stunning white sand beaches bordering Mauritius, it is clear to see why. Scuba diving is popular with an incredible array of marine life, thanks to the island’s barrier reefs.

It is not just ocean life that is popular in Mauritius, with the Porte Lafayette National Park being home to mountains and forests that contain rare animals.

Memorable Break

Mauritius is a picturesque setting for any holiday, and Le Morne Cultural Landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers incredible views.

Visitors will love visiting local markets that sell a great range of food and handicrafts. When it comes to Mauritian cuisine, you will find a great blend of different cultures, including African, Asia, Indian, and French, creating unique dishes.

Mauritius holidays offer visitors a great choice of activities and attractions to enjoy a memorable break.

Why Visit Mauritius?

Mauritius has something for everyone, and there are many reasons that people will choose Mauritius as their holiday destination. The island is great for romantic getaways and honeymoons thanks to its wonderful resorts, incredible scenery, and beautiful beaches that offer a relaxing break.

Those that like to be a bit more active on their holidays will enjoy walks in national parks, golf, and water sports. Scuba diving along the incredible reef is also an excellent experience for guests.

There are lots to explore on your Mauritius holiday with welcoming and friendly locals, vibrant markets, fun festivals, and delicious food.