Welcome to Sweden


The Kingdom of Sweden

Like its Scandinavian neighbours, Sweden is one of our favourite northern European destinations because of its natural beauty, great attractions, and wonderful people.

The Kingdom of Sweden is bordered by Norway, Finland and connected to Denmark by a tunnel-bridge across the Oresund (known as the English Sound). It is the largest country in Northern Europe and the largest of the Nordic countries.

Sweden has a temperate climate, with four distinct seasons throughout the year. Winters can drop below freezing, showcasing beautiful snowy landscapes on winter breaks. Summer temperatures are comfortable, making summer holidays in Sweden a pleasure.

See Amazing Places

Your holiday to Sweden will allow you to see amazing places, like palaces inhabited by the royal family, centuries-old castles, and fascinating museums. Outside of the cities and towns, you will find stunning national parks with forests, rivers, lakes and native species.

The food in Sweden will titillate your tastebuds as it is unique to the Scandinavian region. Known across the world for their fish dishes, you will not be disappointed to try some gravlax or crayfish!

Stockholm is a bustling city and the capital city of Sweden. Stockholm cannot be missed on holidays to Sweden. It is the largest city in all of Scandinavia and offers food from across the globe, cultural experiences and attractions during all seasons.

Why Visit Sweden?

Sweden travel is easy, and anyone can do it. You can be amazed by the dancing colours of the northern lights, see rock carvings in Tanum (also a UNESCO World Heritage site), witness the midnight sun in summer in Swedish Lapland, or explore the Stockholm old town on a city break.

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the beautiful natural scenery during their Sweden holidays. Depending on the season, Sweden tours will include national parks, interactions with wildlife, access to winter sports, and the company of friendly Swedes.