Welcome to Morocco

What More Could You Ask For

Morocco really does have it all: beautiful beaches, picturesque mountains, fantastic food, and incredible people.

Located in North Africa, Morocco’s north coast looks out across the Mediterranean Sea towards Spain, with its east coast on the Atlantic Ocean. Boasting both Mediterranean and Atlantic beaches is a huge draw for visitors who are also tempted by the incredibly diverse geography of the country.

As well as gorgeous sandy beaches and deserts, Morocco also has the Rif and Atlas Mountains. This opens up great opportunities for travellers that love to trek and hike.

Another huge draw for visitors is the incredible food thanks to the ability to grow similar ingredients to Mediterannean countries like Italy, Greece, and Spain.

Many visitors will also enjoy the markets and shopping options for handmade woven goods and ceramics. The unique style is popular the world over, and being able to haggle will help you get great prices.

The buzz around the cities is something everyone that visits Morocco should experience. The sights, smells, and sounds make it a sensory experience you won’t forget, and the unique architecture is something that many visitors comment on.

Whether it is a city break, beach break, culinary tour, or you want to experience a bit of everything, Morocco holidays are packed with ideas and experiences!

Why Visit Morocco?

If you are looking for a holiday with a bit of everything, travel to Morocco, you won’t regret it.

With everything from stunning sandy Mediterannean and Atlantic beaches to mountainous terrain, you will be able to choose between sunbathing and extreme sports, depending on your tastes.

Sample the culture and local customs when you venture into the great towns and cities where you will be able to buy beautiful, locally-made products and enjoy a rich and varied cuisine whose reputation preceded it.

You can view the stunning Saharan sunsets and sunrises with special tours and expeditions that make the most of the incredible scenery.