Welcome to Malaysia

Do you love the buzz of bustling cities, relaxing sandy beaches, ancient rainforests, and great historical sights? Malaysia holidays offer all this and much more so read on for more details on this dream holiday destination.

Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is split across two regions that the South China Sea separates. The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, is a wonderfully modern city that offers visitors great shopping, fantastic cuisine, and excellent nightlife. It is located in Peninsular Malaysia or mainland Malaysia as it is also known.

Tropical climates make the sandy beaches popular among visitors that want to make the most of the sun, swim, snorkeling, or diving facilities.

Across the South China Sea, you will be able to explore the rainforests that are home to a diverse range of animals and plant life in Malaysian Borneo, which is split between Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia.

Island hopping is also popular among visitors who want to experience Malaysia as much as possible with lots to explore. Tours and hikes to see the wildlife and local scenery are popular, as is snorkelling the coral reefs and enjoying boat trips.

Why Visit Malaysia

Malaysia is one of our favourite destinations because it is so diverse and the people are great..

Mainland Malaysia boasts the wonderful modern city of Kuala Lumpur and a great selection of historical sights and attractions. You then have the more wild Malaysia when you cross the South China Sea, which offers natural beauty and incredible wildlife.

City breaks, cultural, and beach holidays are all catered for in Malaysia, where you will experience a beautiful and culturally diverse country, an excellent option for nature lovers and culture vultures alike, countless stunning beaches, and delicious food.

Both East Malaysia and West Malaysia offer visitors an excellent selection of things to see and do.