Welcome to Denmark


Scandanavia is one of those destinations that doesn’t get talked about enough for our liking, so we are going to start.

The Scandinavian country of Denmark is located in northern Europe and borders Germany to its south. The country is made up of more than 400 islands and the Jutland Peninsula.

The weather in Denmark is relatively unpredictable, with mild, wet winters, and cool summers.

Though you might not typically find beach holidays as the top reason people visit Denmark, there is still plenty to see and do in the beautiful country.

The country is a mix of modern and traditional with Renaissance and Baroque castles and palaces, as well as modern architecture that is creeping into trends around the world.

Denmark is home to lots of interesting attractions, including museums and art galleries and the famous Little Mermaid statue.

Active holidaymakers will love the country’s cycling infrastructure and flat nature, which makes cycling a very popular way to get about.

Scandinavian fashion and music are also a big reason that Denmark proves so popular among tourists, as is the nation’s love of beer. The most famous of their beers is Carlsberg, and you can learn more about the brewery and beer with tours.

The Danish capital, Copenhagen, boasts an excellent public transport system, world-class restaurants, and great tourist attractions. City tours are available to take in all the sights – don’t forget the Viking ship museum!

Why Visit Denmark?

Denmark is one of our favourite European countries. Whether you want to learn more about its Viking heritage, sample Nordic cuisine on food tours, or explore the natural beauty the country has to offer, there will be something to do for everyone.

Children and the young at heart will be able to explore the Legoland amusement park or Tivoli Gardens for a fun-filled day.

As well as Copenhagen, Aarhus offers visitors a taste of traditional Denmark with incredible architecture and design, making it an excellent choice for city breaks – it’s the perfect holiday destination!