Welcome to Papua New Guinea

Fancy learning more about unique destinations? Do you want to enjoy holidays off the beaten path? How about Papua New Guinea?

Papua New Guinea is located in the Pacific’s southwest and is bordered by Indonesia. The island nation’s tropical climate is warm and humid, which is perfect for the diverse range of plant life and animals.

As you might expect from a warm island, Papua New Guinea holidays are perfect for travellers that love the ocean. Beautiful sandy beaches and incredible marine life make it ideal for beach holidays.

Thanks to the crystal clear waters and coral reefs, island hopping, scuba diving, and snorkelling are great around Papua New Guinea.

Culture vultures will be able to find out more about the roughly 7,000 Papua New Guinean tribes that are on the island and find out more about traditions, songs, and dance.

Hikers will love the Kokoda Trail for hiking, and you will experience incredible views, wildlife, and nature. The Kokoda Track is also great for people who want to learn about the modern history of Papua New Guinea, especially its pivotal involvement in World War 2.

Visiting local markets will give you the opportunity to invest in local paintings, carvings, food, and crafts.

Why Visit Papua New Guinea?

Papua New Guinea is a unique travel destination thanks to its ancient cultures and areas of natural beauty. Papa New Guinea Tours are available for travellers to explore the wildlife of the interior, or outlying islands, making it easy to make tailor-made holidays for all tastes.

The local people of this beautiful island are welcoming and friendly, and the climate is perfect for those that want a warm getaway.

The capital city of Port Moresby has excellent museums, art galleries, and attractions. You will be able to visit the upmarket marina as well as the National Botanical Gardens. Nature lovers will also love the diverse range of wildlife, including tree kangaroos, birds of paradise, cassowaries, and echidna.