South America

Welcome to Uruguay


When people talk about visiting Latin America you might think about Brazil, Mexico, or even Argentina. But what about Uruguay?

Uruguay is located to the southeast of South America and enjoys an Atlantic coastline with beautiful beaches. It is in the temperate zone of South America, meaning it enjoys four seasons with warm summers that are great for beach holidays.

Montevideo is Uruguay’s capital city and is home to incredible beaches, the country’s main airport, and the majority of the population. The city is also home to great historic architecture, excellent museums, bars, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife.

With a large beef industry and four key wine regions that are dotted with picturesque vineyards, eating and drinking in Uruguay is an enjoyable pastime for locals and visitors alike.

As you might expect for a country located between Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay is also a famous footballing nation that has won the FIFA World Cup twice, despite having a population smaller than Scotland’s.

The thermal springs in the north of Uruguay are popular with people seeking their medicinal properties thanks to the high concentration of minerals like magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Active holidaymakers will also find lots to do with excellent water sports options, parachuting, and canopying in the trees of Pan de Azuca.

Why Visit Uruguay?

Uruguay holidays are popular because of the great range of things to see and do for visitors, as well as the friendly, laid back people.

You will be able to relax on sandy beaches at luxury resorts, enjoy vibrant city life with great wine and exquisite cuisine, or enjoy a more action-packed break taking in a UNESCO World Heritage Site or two.

Travellers that want to experience some of Uruguay’s more historic towns can visit Colonia del Sacramento to soak up the culture and magnificent architecture.

There are many Uruguay holiday packages to suit all holidaymakers who want to taste Latin America.