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Inflatable slide, open-air gym & LOTS of water toys: Hello new luxury yacht Emerald Kaia

Emerald Kaia – the new luxury yacht from travel brand Scenic Group – is set to be “the next generation in luxury yacht cruising.”

Zoom down an inflatable slide into the Indian Ocean from the fourth deck of a luxury yacht. Bounce on a trampoline above the Adriatic. Work out in an open-air gym overlooking the Mediterranean coast before jumping into the azure sea moments away for a refreshing cool-down…

All this awaits holidaymakers on new luxury yacht Emerald Kaia, set to sail the seas in opulence when it launches in April 2026.

Luxury travel brand Scenic Group recently unveiled Emerald Kaia, the pinnacle of sophistication within Emerald Cruises’ yacht fleet. Here’s what you can expect from the vessel, sister to fellow yachts Emerald Azzurra and Emerald Sakara.


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What’s onboard Emerald Kaia?

This next-generation luxury yacht combines heightened capacity with an intimate atmosphere, catering to 128 discerning guests and featuring an array of groundbreaking innovations.

Standout features include an expanded Sky Deck, now adorned with a luxurious internal Sky Lounge, offering guests an unparalleled open-air experience with sweeping panoramic vistas.

Furthermore, all cabins and suites have been generously enlarged by 10 percent, ensuring guests enjoy enhanced comfort and contemporary living spaces.

With revamped dining venues, a redesigned gym, spa and wellness facilities, Emerald Kaia guarantees an unparalleled superyacht experience as it navigates sought-after coastlines spanning from the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean Seas to the Seychelles. The ship’s small size means it’s one of the few vessels that can dock in the heart of Venice!

Guests on Emerald Kaia can also enjoy the Observation Sun Deck, Sky Deck cabanas, Sky Bar and a myriad dining options.

The refined marina, complemented by an interior lounge and expanded water sports offerings, blends luxury with adventure. An enriched Elements Spa caters to wellness enthusiasts, embodying the brand’s commitment to nurturing mind, body, and spirit.


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When will Emerald Kaia launch?

Set sail with Emerald Kaia in April 2026, with vacations opening to book on April 22, 2024.

Glen Moroney, Chairman and Founder of Scenic Group, said of the big reveal: “Emerald Kaia, with its significant design and amenity enhancements, marks a pivotal expansion for our fleet. It builds on the strengths of Emerald Sakara and Emerald Azzurra, allowing us to offer unmatched superyacht experiences along the world’s most captivating coastlines.”


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What else is new?

In addition, Scenic Group has unveiled a design update for 18 Scenic and Emerald Cruises luxury river cruise ships throughout Europe, signifying a significant investment and an ongoing dedication to enhancing its fleet.

This comprehensive revitalization of the ships’ main decks introduces fresh layouts and contemporary furniture, aligning with the sophisticated design and amenities emblematic of the ultra-luxury Discovery Yachts Scenic Eclipse I & Scenic Eclipse II and Emerald Cruises’ opulent yachts. These enhanced river ships now offer a glimpse into the group’s unparalleled ocean cruising experiences.

“The design update of our river fleet integrates the elegance and innovative features of our ultra-luxury and luxury ocean yachts into our river cruise ships, elevating and enhancing the guest experience onboard,” said Karen Moroney, Director of Project Design, Scenic Group.

“It’s a testament to our dedication not just to luxury, but to leading the way in sustainable and thoughtful design within the industry.”

How sustainable are Scenic ships?

Scenic Group’s commitment to sustainable practices is embodied in the river fleet’s design updates, guided by the Cherish the Planet ethos. This commitment includes the incorporation of sustainable elements alongside exquisite design.

“Sustainability isn’t just a feature – it’s foundational to the beauty we create,” Moroney emphasized, ensuring that each ship reflects a responsible yet luxurious sensibility.

Published 04.10.24