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New ship

Four Seasons Yachts’ incredible luxury offering revealed

Four Seasons Yachts – set to launch in 2025 – has unveiled further details of its incredible luxury cruise offering – find out all about it.

Four Seasons, along with luxury yachting company Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings Ltd. and renowned Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri, has announced the brand is moving closer to the inaugural voyage of Four Seasons Yachts.

The exciting project will create an extraordinary yacht experience, in collaboration with the luxury hospitality experts at Four Seasons.

The first of the Four Seasons Yachts vessels is set to sail in late 2025 and will be the flagship of the Four Seasons Yachts fleet. Additionally, a contract has been signed for the construction of a second ship with Fincantieri, scheduled for delivery in late November 2026, with a value exceeding €400million.

Four Seasons Yachts accommodation

Lux suites

The first Four Seasons yacht offers 95 suites with exquisite custom designs aimed at providing guests with a seamless connection to the sea and their surroundings.

Each suite features spacious terrace decks, ranging from 100 square feet for the deluxe suite to nearly 5,000 square feet for the expansive Funnel Suite, the largest accommodation on the yacht.

With an all-suite, residential-style layout, the Four Seasons yacht sets a new standard for privacy and guest-focused design, offering exceptional experiences from the waterline to the top deck.

The Funnel Suite is an impressive four-level suite, providing over 9,500 square feet of combined indoor and outdoor living space, complete with a private wading pool and a dedicated private spa area.

It can be expanded both vertically and horizontally, allowing guests to enjoy one of the largest continuously connected living spaces at sea. The suite’s iconic curved glass windows offer breathtaking 280-degree panoramic views, with the glass alone costing $4.5million, showcasing remarkable engineering innovation.

Four Seasons Yachts activities

Unique features

Another unique feature is the yacht’s custom onboard transverse marina, granting guests easy access to a wide range of water sports activities in ports traditionally reserved for private yachts.

This cutting-edge marina design includes expansive openings on both sides of the Four Seasons vessel, offering spacious platforms and lounging decks to maximize views of the sea and create memorable yacht experiences.

Outdoor enthusiasts on Four Seasons Yachst will have access to private sailing, snorkeling, and windsurfing, while an elegant indoor lounge area with a stylish bar and al fresco seating offers panoramic ocean views.

Custom sea limousines for transfers and coastal tours, along with beach landers, are also part of the yacht’s marina experience, with a dedicated team ensuring impeccable service.

For those looking to relax on the pool deck, there is a 20-meter salt-water pool, one of the largest at sea.

This versatile pool area can be quickly transformed into a multi-function space for performances, fashion shows, weddings, and more, thanks to a hydraulic lift design inspired by the classic Christina O yacht.

Four Seasons Yachts destinations

Yachting itineraries

The 2025/26 debut season marks the beginning of yachting itineraries during the winter and spring in the Caribbean for Four Seasons Yachts

Afterward, the first yacht will head back to the Mediterranean to explore famous yachting spots, such as the French and Italian Rivieras, the Adriatic coast, and Greek Islands. Each trip will last about a week, with the option for consecutive 21-day journeys, including different stops each day.

In the first year, the plan includes visits to 33 countries, 137 distinct destinations, and 76 late nights or overnight stays.

Exciting Four Seasons hotel and land programs for before and after the yacht trips are in the works and will be announced soon.

Alejandro Reynal, President and CEO of Four Seasons, commented on the latest reveal: “Four Seasons Yachts is a crucial part of our future growth strategy. We aim to seize new opportunities and set ourselves apart with immersive luxury experiences.

“The first yacht represents our vision of offering a world-class Four Seasons experience both at sea and on land, marked by the exceptional, personalized service our guests know and love.”

Published 09.26.23