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Bucket List

The thrill-seekers’ guide to Auckland

With sky walks, bungee jumps, theatre under the stars, camping inside a rugby stadium, and sailing a traditional Māori canoe, Auckland offers a bucket list like no other.

By Samantha Priestley

Situated on the north island of New Zealand, Auckland is a city of culture and history, an oceanside oasis of sandy beaches and bustling metropolitan life. Amid all this, it also manages to be the destination chosen by the world’s thrill-seekers. 

That’s because there’s so much on offer, it takes more than one visit to tick it all off. And while your Auckland bucket list might be a long one, there are some adrenalin-pumping activities that are truly unique to here:

The Sky Tower is perhaps the city’s most famous landmark. As the tallest building in New Zealand, it offers spectacular panoramic views over the city. But who needs to look through the windows when you can do something a little more daring? A sky walk is a thrilling stroll around the top of the tower. Step into a secure harness, and once you’ve looked at Auckland from every angle, simply jump for the ultimate sky jump. 

Back on terra firma, head for something far more sedate with a yoga class inside the building and meditate with a view.

Book tickets for a show in Auckland’s Civic Theatre and you’ll experience more than just the performance on stage. This building has a unique ‘soft top’ ceiling that appears to float above and recreates the southern hemisphere sky. Gaze up and see the constellations of stars as if you were in the open air.

If you love Rugby, New Zealand’s national sport, you’ll join the scrum for the chance to camp out in Auckland’s premier stadium, Eden Park. An elevated glamping dome overlooks the turf, complete with queen-sized bed and every amenity you’d expect to find in a hotel. You don’t have to love rugby to appreciate this once-in-a-lifetime experience, but fans can watch a game, tour the stadium, and then sleep in this most unusual of places.

To really get into the spirit of where you are, try sailing a traditional Māori canoe out on the water. You’ll hear stories of the Maoris from your Māori crew and you’ll learn about the canoes and the routes they took. Or, stay on dry land and take a Māori walking tour. Listen to the history of the Māori people and learn about their traditions as you follow in their footsteps.

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Published 03.02.22