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Old enough

Discover adults-only adventures and activities in Central America

Central America is a hub of thrilling adventures, fantastic wildlife and brilliant beaches – and an adults-only getaway is one of the best ways to enjoy the region.

Words by Triona McBride

Central America boasts rich and varied countries and tropical islands offering a range of experiences as diverse as the destinations themselves.

It’s a cliche to say a location has something for everyone but, in this case, it’s also true thanks to the wonders of Mexico, Costa Rica and Belize.

Yes, Central America is an incredible region for families to explore with adventures and educational experiences available at every turn, but that’s not the trip every visitor will be looking for.

Several luxury adults-only cruises and a string of adults-only resorts and hotels make a grown-up visit to Central America easy.

Around these have grown an exciting range of adventurous, cultural and romantic activities for couples, friends and single adults to discover in this beautiful chain of nations.


Romance alive

Cozumel, Mexico, is the perfect romantic retreat for couples, with activities for adult pairs from scuba diving to nighttime stand-up paddleboarding, or taking an easy cycle to an adults-only beach club.

A temazcal, or traditional Mayan Sweat Lodge, is a centuries-old experience offering the physical benefits of a Scandinavian sauna alongside a spiritual and cultural ceremony that cleanses and rejuvenates the mind and soul.

Cozumel Pearl Farm is a traditional enterprise sitting on a secluded beachfront where guests can explore and experience this ancient jewellery-cultivating process.

For those wanting to dive headlong into the island’s culinary world, market tours and cooking classes can be booked with adult groups or private guides.

Seeing baby turtles hatch and make their way to the sea for the first time at sunset is one of the most breathtaking experiences this Mexican destination has to offer, whether witnessed arm-in-arm with a partner or in the private quiet of your own space.


Into the jungle

The jungle nation of Belize was first settled by the Mayans more than 3,500 years ago and today offers a wealth of nature and history to discover right alongside more modern experiences and activities.

Adults can uncover the secrets of Belize on their own terms by booking one or several private tours.

The Altun Ha Mayan temples, monkey sanctuary and Belize city can all be explored with personal guides while couples or groups can learn to cook a traditional Mayan meal or visit a local rum factory.

Costa Rica

Wildlife wonders

Costa Rica is the rainforest island of Central America and offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as floating gently through the Tortuguero National Park on the lookout for crocodiles, green sea turtles, monkeys, manatees, and the park’s most enticing resident, the sloth.

Fine food is also on offer in the incredible Limón Province of Costa Rica, and a visit to family-run boutique restaurants like Maestros Wine & Grill, with its cellar of 400 international wines, is a must.

Perhaps, before you eat, a salsa or merengue lesson on the beach with Baila Caribe might be just the thing to build up an appetite, and a thirst.

These are just a few of the adult activities available around the islands and countries of Central America but there is so much more to uncover at every turn.

Spas, golf, horseback riding, fiestas, and private island escapes are all on offer for discerning visitors looking for grown-up days, and nights, in this rich and varied region.

Published 06.28.23