Welcome to Maldives

Little slice of heaven

When it comes to luxurious, tropical paradise holidays, the Maldives is at the top of the list for many, including us! Five-star beach resorts, crystal-clear water, and white sandy beaches make this a dream destination for those looking to get away from it all and relax in paradise.

The Republic of Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, South Asia, and is made up of roughly 1,200 coral islands and atolls. Atolls are typically ribbon reefs surrounding a central lagoon, making unique and beautiful views for locals and visitors.

Tropical paradise

Popular among honeymooners, the Maldives are also incredible for families with lots to see and do. If you’re hoping for a relaxing, luxury break, you’ll be able to enjoy cocktails and spa treatments, sunbathing and swimming.

Those hoping for a more active break are catered for, too, with fishing, surfing, watersports, scuba lessons, and golf all regularly enjoyed by travellers.

Many people dream of enjoying a tropical paradise, and luxury Maldives holidays make it possible for visitors to enjoy their own private island. Stilted water villas offer a unique experience for guests, and the beautiful palm trees, impeccable service, and incredible reefs make this a truly memorable holiday.

maldives food
Why visit the Maldives?

As if visiting a beautiful tropical paradise for a luxury beach holiday isn’t reason enough, you will also get to experience the vibrant Maldivian culture, sample the great local cuisine, and visit a great selection of architectural heritage sites.

Visitors will also be able to enjoy pampering themselves with an incredible range of spa treatments or explore the beautiful reefs and experience the diverse marine life first-hand.

Beach holidays seldom offer this level of luxury or choice, so if you are looking for an unforgettable holiday that incorporates scuba diving, swimming with whale sharks, and sampling local culture, a Maldives holiday will be perfect for you.