Welcome to Montenegro

Let’s be honest, gone are the days you will find a hidden gem of a country that nobody knows about. But some destinations aren’t as popular as they should be, and Montenegro is one.

Montenegro is a southeastern European country that is a part of the Balkan peninsula, and the Adriatic Sea borders Montenegro’s west coast.

Montenegro typically has hot, dry summers, similar to Mediterranean countries, making it ideal for beach holidays.

As well as having a beautiful Adriatic coast, Montenegro also has a range of picturesque mountains that make hiking a popular activity among visitors. The beautiful canyons and rivers are also well visited by nature-lovers.

The Montenegran cuisine is varied, making it great for visitors who like to try different flavours.

The interesting and sometimes troubled past makes Montenegro a popular destination to visit. You will be able to see monuments and architecture dating back through its history.

Montenegro is a small nation but doesn’t have just one UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting four instead. Three of the sites are cultural, with the fourth being a natural site.

As well as lush forestry and dramatic mountainscapes, Montenegro is known for its beautiful golden beaches that are great for sunbathing. You will also be able to enjoy water sports in the Adriatic or explore the coastline on boat tours or by scuba diving.

Why Visit Montenegro?

Montenegro holidays offer travellers an incredible amount of choice on their break, we were surprised at how good an option it is with its warm climate and sandy beaches to enjoy a relaxing holiday at a luxury seaside resort. Boat trips off Montenegro’s coast will give you a unique experience and opportunity to enjoy the ocean.

Hiking trips into the forests and mountains of Montenegro offer spectacular scenery and natural beauty that you will struggle to find anywhere else in Europe.

The friendly and welcoming old town centres promise fun nightlife, great shopping, and delicious food, making a Montenegro holiday one that will be remembered for years to come.