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Ol' Man River

American Cruise Lines reveals ‘ambitious’ plans for new ships & river cruises

American Cruise Lines has announce more US riverboats and exclusive new cruises as its 2024 Mississippi rives season opens.

American Cruise Lines has announced the commencement of its Mississippi River season, with the arrival of the first guests in New Orleans. In the coming weeks, all five of the company’s Mississippi riverboats will embark on journeys along the Lower Mississippi.

The year 2024 will mark the company’s largest season ever, particularly on the Mississippi, where American Cruise Lines has ambitious plans for further expansion. This season, the company’s new riverboats will navigate more than 16 itineraries, exploring not only the Mississippi but also its tributaries, including the Tennessee, Ohio, and Cumberland Rivers.

Over the past five years, American Cruise Lines has significantly expanded its US fleet, nearly tripling its size. Since 2018, the company has introduced a new riverboat on the Mississippi River each year. Recently, the company revealed plans for five more ships, including new riverboats, currently under construction at American’s affiliated shipyard, Chesapeake Shipbuilding, in Salisbury, MD.

Following the opening on the Mississippi, the company’s full fleet of 19 other small ships and riverboats will continue to traverse the country, making stops at over 140 US ports this year.

American Cruise Lines maintains its distinction as the only company offering two distinct styles of riverboats for exploring US rivers, along with various categories of small cruise ships sailing the US coasts.

Notably, the company’s new series of 12 small coastal cruise ships, known as Project Blue, has garnered acclaim for exclusive itineraries along the East Coast. While expanding along US coastal waterways, American Cruise Lines is intensifying its presence on US rivers, particularly the Mississippi.

Additional details about the company’s newest riverboats and ongoing construction projects will be revealed as the year unfolds.

In May of this year, American Cruise Lines will introduce several new Mississippi River experiences, including the first-ever Great Smoky Mountains National Parks cruises. This exclusive itinerary allows guests to explore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along a 12-day route from Knoxville, TN, to Nashville, TN, cruising the Ohio, Tennessee, and Cumberland Rivers.

Additionally, the company will launch its first 35-Day Civil War Battlefields cruise in May, exploring the Mississippi, Tennessee, and Cumberland Rivers, as well as large stretches of the East Coast, Chesapeake Bay, and visiting over 20 Civil War Battlefields.

In August, American Cruise Lines will embark on a historic 61-day Great United States cruise — the longest river cruise in US history — exploring the entire Mississippi River, 20 states, three national parks, four rivers, and sailing the East Coast and Hudson River, with stops from New York City to Boston, Massachusetts, to Bar Harbor, Maine.

In 2024, American Cruise Lines takes pride in continuing its 50-year tradition of exploring the USA. As the cruise line expands its presence across America, it continues to offer new opportunities each year along the Mississippi River and beyond.

The company’s cruises not only delight guests but also contribute to the support of historic sites, cultural venues, and American-owned businesses throughout the country.

Published 02.22.24